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 Mr. Saeed Al Douri
   PrefaceThe coffee bean and nuts were discovered in nature by humans as early as year 1500. They are considered to be a healthy source of nutrients for the body and have become readily available surpassing geographical boundaries and language barriers. The coffee and nut industry has evolved along with the technological development in the world, production quicker, easier and more versatile. This has created a field of competition in recent decades due to this tremendous evolution in consumption, which has also contributed to the wider need to fill market shelves around the world.
   Who Are WeGranada Roastery was established in the United Arab Emirates in 1985, poised with a vast inherited experience for more than a century. We polished this experience and knowledge with creativity assisted by a highly qualified team, sophisticated machinery and fine equipment to produce efficient and abundant production, to ensure we serve the best to our clients.
 Mr. Abdul Kareem Al Douri
   Our MessageAt Granada Roastery we believe in the importance of gaining our client`s confidence. We strive to deliver high quality products, the best service and the most competitive prices, to reach the highest standards in service and earn our customers utmost satisfaction.
   Our VisionTo become our customer’s first choice, and promote our brand name ‘Granada’ to become a symbol that contributes to the development of this industry in the UAE and overseas.
   Our AimTo ensure that the work of our organization is mutually beneficial to all concerned including investors, employees, suppliers, service providers, and last but not least, our clients. Our aim is to become market leaders in our field.
   Our ProductsWe choose our products carefully to the highest standards of quality and taste. We have the experience, the talent, and the commitment to offer you an endless array of products to suit your needs while maintaining high quality and reasonable cost. Our experienced and skilled staff will serve your needs beyond expectations.

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P.O.Box :22015, Sharjah,
United Arab Emirates


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